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  • Continuation Part 1 Live Stream translation 12/5/2021 by Lilian Surkova (KZhead channel Russian with Puma Messi) Do you love Messi? Do you love Gerda? Do you want to understand what Masha and Sasha are saying? If you answered Yes to all these questions, then you definitely need to come to the YT Channel Russian with Puma Messi! There we learn Russian Messi’s style. And Messi is your teacher! Come join our growing family 😊 Live stream in real time was translated by Ekaterina Levithcheva and Anna Bondaruk. Please play the live chat if you want to follow live conversation. To speed up the process of the translation, there will be a few summaries of what is being said. The stream title is “A Snowless 5th of December”, second stream. The power came back on, Sasha tried to start a generator. It took longer than he thought, the batteries ran out. Messi argues with Sasha-he demands his food now; Sasha asks him to wait another 45 minutes. Sasha and Masha are talking about pros and cons of being a homeowner versus an apartment style living. To live in a countryside demands special skills and makes you face unexpected difficulties. A homeowner seldom has time to leisurely lay on the couch. So please think carefully before deciding to become a homeowner. But the benefits of having your own piece of land are great. Though you need to learn how to solve different problems on your own and to become a good friend with specialists and handy people. S&M: we have a parcel today from our subscriber Sergey Belov from Tver region. The parcel is timed for Gerda’s birthday. We were asked to open it during the stream. Oh, I see, Gerda’s favorite color, blue. Sasha: Messi, you will also get something. A box. Masha: he is watching us from afar. Sasha: there is a letter. Sasha goes back to the subject of owning a house and compares it to being an owner of a dog. He explains to his friends who want to get a dog. How do you imaging it, being a dog owner? Summer, nice weather, you are with a dog on a leash, the dog obeys, in short-picture perfect. But here are the facts. You go to a weather site and read, Penza has only 70 sunny days out of 365 (a year). In addition, you are limited not only by the weather, sometimes you don’t feel good, you didn’t have enough sleep, too hot, or simply tired. But the dog doesn’t know that. The dog was waiting for you all day long and is happy to see you. You go for a walk. The dog runs, pulls you in all sides. In conclusion-your picture-perfect situation will happen only on rare occasions, like two or three days a year. The rest 362 days are filled with hard work.

    I_am_pumaI_am_pumaАй бұрын
    • Thanks Lilian for your hard work and kindness with the translations. Much appreciated.

      Elephant sealElephant sealАй бұрын
    • @suzannah you are very welcome!

      Russian with Puma MessiRussian with Puma MessiАй бұрын
    • @I_am_puma Thank you, Lilian, for your very good translations. It really helps so much to understand what is going on. Thank you.

      suzannahsuzannahАй бұрын
    • Part 3 A subscriber mentions-they also live on a house. And it’s very good. Not without challenges, but the benefits outweigh everything. And the opportunity to be outside on the open air-it’s so good! Sasha agrees and shares his experience how he learned the hard way what it means to leave water in the faucet when the temps fall below zero. The faucet blew up when the water froze, and he had to replace it. Understood, it wasn’t such an expensive loss, but nevertheless. You live and learn. Q: why did Messi hiss before he started to eat? Sasha: this habit remains from the times when we were in training. Some time ago we were offered to be in a movie. Since the movie was supposed to feature a wild puma, it was supposed to be intimidating. We trained Messi to do a command “Voice! Speak!” Since Messi is not a dog, he hissed. We had hard times. Since Messi is smart and doesn’t work for food, I decided to tie up this training to the feeding time. I came to Messi with his food bowl, when he was successful at completing the task, he was getting his food. He is smart and took it in his own way. He thought, okay, parents, you want me to this, then I can train you too! And he refused to eat completely. A day without food, another day without food, the third day without food. I kneeled in front of him begging, Messichka, please eat. As a result, he refused to do the command but periodically he reminds us about that experience and hisses at his food. And now, almost three years later, he still hisses at his food. Masha and I came up with a joke that he tries to scary his food so it wouldn’t escape. The scared food tastes better! The moral of the story is-don’t start working on the command if you know your pet is not going to do it. If you don’t want to train your pet on something, don’t start. Cats in general can manipulate you with their eyes. Part 4 Then the discussion goes to the TV sets. The general opinion is - Phillips TVs are no good, they freeze all the time, you must restart often. The next TV set will be either Samsung or LG. And these TVs are great at saving energy. It’s very important factor in Europe. Sasha says electricity where they live is inexpensive and the energy saving feature is not of main concern for them. Q: two kittens scratch their ears. Checked them for possible diseases, seems to be okay. Could that be some type of parasites? Sasha: if you checked all other options, then yes, it could be parasites. Also, could be a psychosomatic problem. Try to play a soothing music to them. Electronic meditative music, classical, everything but avoid the string instrumental music. No violins! Sasha is asked to lift Messi up and kiss him. Sasha says-no, I suffer from pain in my lower back. Messi is heavy. Not today. Nose-eye tradition. Messi went to the place of his choice. People envy Sasha and Masha-they have this opportunity to kiss and hug Messi. Sasha: invest into your pet’s behavior and enjoy the results for the rest of your pet’s life. Masha: thank you very much for being with us, for your love, the love you have for our cat family, “Kotosim’ya” as you call us. (“Kot” is “a cat” in Russian, “sim’ya” is “a family”. The subscribers formed a special word for Sasha and Masha - “kotosim’ya”) Come to the YT channel Russian with Puma Messi, where you will learn this word and many other words too!

      I_am_pumaI_am_pumaАй бұрын
    • Part 2 Back to the parcel. A letter. The subscriber sends his best wishes to Gerda and supports a previous request from other subscribers to return blue bubbles in the videos with Messi. “I am not fluent enough in Puma’s language, so those bubbles come in very handy. Only please make them larger!” S&M: yes, we will return the bubbles in the videos. There is a bedding set in the parcel with a cheetah print. A question came from a subscriber weather cats react on the hissing sounds in their names such as “sh”, “sch”, “ch”, etc. Sasha: I studied the problem. There is a science named bioacoustics. The science is about which sounds are more attractive for the animals. It was at the time when we had Ichel (the first cheetah they had; she lived with them for three months only and died of cancer). Yes, the hissing voiced sounds are attractive for felines. Masha looks at Messi and comments lovingly on his pose. S&M: Messi, let’s go eat! Messi goes to his little house and is in no rush to leave it. Sasha: He is guarding his house. The other day I decided to mop the floor in his house. Oh, how much indignation I got from him! What? A human being in MY house? With a wet cloth? Eliminating my scents??? Masha for Messi: I am hungry. I want to eat. Walks slowly. Masha for Messi: Okay, I am going. Only because you ask me. Daddy, please hurry. I am tired of waiting. Messi turned six years old in October. A comment: Messi know that he has mom, dad, Gerda, and a phone in his house. Mom and dad talk to the phone on Sundays. Sasha: and what’s interesting-he is not reacting when I am “calling’ him on the phone. More than once, we tried to get his attention when I was on the speaker phone. Zero reaction! He said, “I refuse to speak to your digital gadget!”

      I_am_pumaI_am_pumaАй бұрын
  • Messi is such a beautiful big cat, it is mesmerising to watch! It is wonderful to see the bond you both have with him and your other cats and the love and care you give to them all. Thank-you for sharing Messi with us ♡

    TheStarspirit123TheStarspirit123Ай бұрын
  • I will never get over how smart Messi is! In addition to being adorable!

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  • Привет Саша и Маша! Спасибо вам большое за очень душевный стрим. Герду ещё раз поздравляю С Днём Рождения! Месси такой очаровательный и прекрасный. Пусть всё будет хорошо! С нетерпением буду ждать новых видео, и воскресного стрима. Удачной недели! 🥰❤️🐱🐆🐾😊🥳

    Ольга ТесляОльга ТесляАй бұрын
  • One in millions the only cougar like this on earth. Like a house cat and he is a house cat. He never hurt them or anyone he is just great and so rare.

    Lucia CarusoLucia CarusoАй бұрын

    Шаповал ИринаШаповал ИринаАй бұрын
  • Ребята. Стрим. Замечательный.как всегда. Принцессу гердусю. С днем рождения. Мессику привет. Чмокнуть в роэсвый. Нос. С вами. Весело. И интересно Маша. Саша. Спасибо

    Ирина ПарфенцеваИрина ПарфенцеваАй бұрын
  • I really enjoy watching these videos every day ... It's a nice relaxation after a tough day at work. There is so much love in this family and Messi is so fortunate to have a Mom and Dad who love him so much. They have raised a loving big cat who returns their unconditional love so effortlessly. Thank you for the videos and most of all the funny Messi sub titles!

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  • Какой мальчик славный 🥰🥰🥰🥰 И Гердочка лапочка дочка 💋💋💋 И вообще ваша семья классная 💋❤️💋 смотрю вас который год с удовольствием огромным 👍❤️

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  • Messi and Gerda are so precious. All beauty and personality. Kisses on their heads.

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  • Как приятно подарки получать, раскрывать упаковку, смотреть!!!!!!!! И нам так приятно посмотреть!!!!! Удачи, здоровья, благополучия!

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  • Aww beautiful Messi chatting away. 😹💜😻 I wished I could drop n but I don’t speak Russian. 😕 We enjoy the love you give & share with the 🌎 Sasha & Masha. 🥰 Have a great day.

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  • You all are awesome people...all the best from Indiana, United States.

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  • Messi y Gerda: Amor de mis Amores

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  • Начало прямого эфира тут: kzhead.info/sun/lslvdMx9bJinloE/bejne.html (Внезапно выключили электричество, и эфир прервался).

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  • суперинформативно...биоакустика круто...масян и герда прям погружаются в еду...отключаются...удивительно

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    • Messi is a male FAQs: New subscribers, watch please first this video of the history of Messi's appearance in the house, you’ll find there answers to many questions! kzhead.info/sun/rduYm6ejaZaEpJs/bejne.html

      Ekaterina LevichevaEkaterina LevichevaАй бұрын
    • @Olga Orellana He is so cute.

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    • He is a male.

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    • This is a live broadcast. Live broadcasts cannot be provided with subtitles, this is live communication. We translate the most important moments in the chat. Then we and other volunteers translate the stream during the week. The translation will be pinned in the first comment. Check it back later, it takes a few days for the translation.

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    • This is a live broadcast. Live broadcasts cannot be provided with subtitles, this is live communication. We translate the most important moments in the chat. Then we and other volunteers translate the stream during the week. The translation will be pinned in the first comment. Check it back later, it takes a few days for the translation.

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    • This is a live broadcast. Live broadcasts cannot be provided with subtitles, this is live communication. We translate the most important moments in the chat. Then we and other volunteers translate the stream during the week. The translation will be pinned in the first comment. Check it back later, it takes a few days for the translation.

      Ekaterina LevichevaEkaterina LevichevaАй бұрын
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